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Introduction to Dynace

The Dynace Object Oriented Extension to C and the Dynace Windows Development System. Dynace is pronounced like "dynasty" without the "t".

Dynace Object Oriented Extension To C (Dynace)

Dynace is a preprocessor, include files and a library which extends the C and C++ languages with advanced object oriented capabilities, automatic garbage collection and multiple threads. Dynace is designed to solve many of the problems associated with C++ while being easier to learn and containing more flexible object oriented facilities. Dynace is able to add facilities previously only available in languages such as Smalltalk and CLOS without all the overhead normally associated with those environments.

Dynace Windows Development System (WDS)

The Dynace Windows Development System (WDS) is a Dynace class library which enables a C programmer with no knowledge of C++, Dynace, the Windows API or message-driven architecture to write real Windows applications with an absolute minimum learning curve and number of lines of code. In fact, it is possible to become familiar enough with windows, menus, dialogs and controls using WDS to write a Windows application after just one day! A "Hello World" program takes only four lines of code!  WDS also includes a databse layer which makes use of SQL databases very easy.


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